Geomatics Systems offers a wide range of high quality professional services supporting GIS analysis, design and implementation. Our area of expertise includes data conversion, software design and development with extensive experience in GIS and IT domains. We recognize that customers have unique and different needs. To this end we extend the power of our Grid Translator Engine (core engine of our Grid Translator Pro family products: Grid Translator Pro for MapInfo, Grid Translator Pro for ArcGIS and Grid Translator Pro for Planet) by offering custom software development services. Our grid translator engine is plug in driven allowing dynamic formats addition or removal for a greater flexibility.

We offer the following services:

GeoData Preparation

To ensure a timely fashion Geodata preparation and to reduce your upfront cost we provide the following services:

- Convert your raster/grid data from virtualy any know format. We can convert all your data small or big within a short timeline.

- Reproject your raster/grid data to any know projection.

- Merge all your raster/grid data into a single dataset for easier data management.

- Convert your raster/grid data to regions or contours for simpler integration other applications or easier integration with your workflows.

Customization of Grid Translator Pro

Our Grid Translator Pro engine provide an added value for users working with MapInfo Professionl, Mentum Planet and ArcGIS products.

- we can customize the integration of Grid Translator Pro engine with your product or your workflow. Simply contact us and tell us what your needs are.

Add your Raster/Grid Format to Grid Translator Pro

Grid Translator Pro supports more than 80 raster/grid formats. If your format is not currently supported, we offer adding it to

Grid Translator Pro free of charge to you. Simply contact us with your specific format need and any details about the format in question.

GIS Software Development

We can develop custom software for your GIS workflows, for ex.:

- Workflow to generate regions/contours from raster/grid datasets in single or batch mode.

- Workflow to reproject your raster/grid dataset in single or batch mode.

- Workflow to generate tile datasets ready for web publishing.

- Workflow to execute spatial analysis operations like Filtering, Interpolation, Vector to Raster, etc.