Grid Translator Pro for ArcGIS

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Grid Translator Pro (GTP) for ArcGIS® is a stand alone solution for ArcGIS® users to enable a wide range of raster and imaging formats within the ArcGIS® suite products. ArcGIS® is a family of products developed by ESRI Inc. including desktop and server products. A 10 days fully functioning version of Grid Translator Pro for ArcGIS® can be downloaded at:  Try it!

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GTP for ArcGIS® opens all the functionalities of ArcGIS® to more than 90 raster formats including the formats of the major GIS industry products: Idrisi, Surfer, PCI, Erdas, Vertical Mapper, Geosoft and MapInfo. With GTP for ArcGIS®, the user can import seamlessly a GIF image, a SRTM dataset, a SPOT image or a Surfer grid within the same process and the same tool.

GTP for ArcGIS® is built with ArcGIS® users in mind to allow them leverage their investment on ArcGIS® products and take advantage of the increasingly available and free data over the Internet. Examples of such data are: SRTM data (world wide), GTOPO30 (world wide) and SDTS (USA).

gtp for arcgis

Whether you have a raster dataset produced by Surfer, Idrisi, PCI, Vertical Mapper, Geosoft or ENVI, a satellite image (SPOT, Radar, NOAA, NITF), a nautical chart (BSB), a bitmap image (GIF, Bitmap, Jpeg, PixMap), or a DEM (SRTM, SDTS, USGS DEM, GTOPO30, DTED); GTP for ArcGIS® will bring these data to ArcGIS® image format with few clicks.

In addition of importing raster datasets, GTP for ArcGIS® can export ArcGIS® grids into 2 different standard GIS formats enabling ArcGIS® grids to be used by external applications.

Using an original design GTP for ArcGIS® import or/and export ArcGIS® grids using an automated and generic process. The import/export process is batch oriented allowing users to create ArcGIS® grids from multiple datasets and from/to a wide range of data formats using a single and unified user interface.

List of formats supported by GTP for ArcGIS®
Format Extension
ADRG/ARC Digitized Raster Graphic *.gen
Aircom Asset format (Height and Clutter)  
Aircom Enterprise ASSET Coverage *.dat
Aircom Enterprise ASSET Simulation *.3ga
ArcInfo Export E00 Grid *.e00
ASCII XYZ Format *.xyz
Atlantis MFF Raster  
Azavea Raster Grid format  
Binary Terrain *.bt
SRTM files *.hgt
Bitmap Format *.bmp
CEOS SAR Image *.img
CEOS Spot Image *.cap
CTable2 datum grid shift  
Daylon Leveller Heightfield  
ELAS *.elas
Envi Labelled Raster *.img
Envisat Image *.nl
EOSAT Fast Format  
Erdas Compressed Wavelets *.ecw
Erdas Imagine *.img
Erdas .lan and .gis raster files *.lan, *.gis
ERMapper .ers *.ers
ESRI ASCII Grid *.txt
ESRI BIL and GTOPO30 *.bil
FIT Image  
Fuji BAS Scanner Image  
GeoSoft Grid eXchange *.gxf
Geospatial PDF *.pdf
Geotiff *.tif, *.tiff
GIF *.gif
GMT Compatible netCDF  
GRASS ASCII Grid *.txt
GSC Geogrid format  
HF2: heightfield format  
Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 *.hdf
Hierarchical Data Format Release 5 *.hdf
Idrisi Grid *.img, *.rst
ILWIS raster maps *.mpr,*.mpl
Intergraph Raster  
IRIS format  
Japanese DEM *.mem
JPEG 2000  
JPEG *.jpg
LandCover (.lcv) format  
MapInfo Grid *.mig
MapTech BSB Nautical Charts *.kap
Military DTED *.dt0,*.dt1
MrSID *.sid
NADCON .los Datum Grid Shift  
NADCON .las Datum Grid Shift  
NASA Planetary Data System *.pds
National Imagery Transmission Format *.nitf
Network Common Data Format *.nc
NOAA NGS Geoid Height Grids  
NOAA Polar Orbiter Level 1b DataSet  
Ozi Explorer File Format  
PCIDISK format *.pix
PCI Raw *.raw
PCRaster raster file format *.map
Planet format (Height and Clutter)  
Portable PixMap Format *.ppm, *.pgm
Raster Matrix Format *.rsw, *.mtw
SAGA GIS Binary Grid File Format  
SGI Image Format *.sgi
Snow Data Assimilation System  
SRTM data *.hgt
Surfer Grid *.grd
Surfer 7 Binary Grid *.grd
Swedish Grid Maps *.rik
Terragen *.grd
USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 2) *.cub
USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 3) *.cub
USGS DOQ old format *.doq
USGS DOQ new format *.nws
USGS LULC Composite Theme Grid  
Vertical Mapper grids *.grd / *.grc
X11 PixMap Format *.xpm
ZMap Plus Grid  
List of raster formats that ArcGIS® grids can be exported to:
Format Extension
Geotiff *.tif
PCI Disk *.pix
Examples of ArcGIS® grids created using GTP for ArcGIS®.

What's new in GTP 3.5 for ArcGIS® ?

• GTP 3.5 is now available as a native 64 Bits Application. We still offer our 32 Bits application as well. You have the choice to take advantage of large memory available to 64 Bits applications or continue using our 32 Bits application as well.

• New functionality is added to support creating 'crash' files called Minidump in case 'Grid Translator Pro' encountered an issue and stoped responding or crashed.

• Added support for 5 new formats that can be imported into ArcGIS:

- Azavea Raster Grid format

- CTable2 datum grid shift

- LandCover (.lcv) format

- OziExplorer Map files

- IRIS format: products generated by IRIS weather radar software

• Enhanced current support of multiple formats:

- Added support for ECW SDK 5 and enhanced performance on large datasets.

- Added support for huge files (>2GB) for GEOS2 datasets.

- Refreshed Internal libtiff and libgeotiff libraries that support Tiff files handling.

- Multiple enhancements to many of the currently supported formats.

• Fixed an issue that was causing some .zip, .gzip and .tar file to not be handled properly.