In our Geodata, we offer USA Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Clutter covering the whole USA. High resolution 10 m elevations are available as well as medium resolution 30 m elevations. Clutter (landuse) datasets are available for 30 m resolution

Geodata DEM Specifications:

- Both Cell resolution 1/3 arcsecond (10 m) and 1 arcsecond (~ 30 meter) are available.

- Projection is Latitude/Longitude NAD 83.

- Formats: MapInfo Professional grid (.grd/.grc), Mentum Planet (.grd/.grc) and ArcGIS .img formats.

Why purchase Geodata from us ?

- For 30 m geodata resolution, every US state is covered by one grid dataset: easier data storage, management and processing.

- For 10 m geodata resolution, every US state is covered by more than grid dataset as sizes of files are bigger than those of  30 m datasets.

- Every 30 m US state DEM and Clutter has extra coverage area around the state boundary. This is useful for projects that requires common area between states.

- Fast delivery: GeoData are ready to upload to FTP within 24 h of time of purchase. 1 to 3 days delivery if custom order depending the size of the ordered GeoData and type of customization.

- Data customization:

-> Different formats can be supplied: Aircom Asset, Geotiff, PCI.

-> Different projections: example GeoData can projected into UTM or other projection.

-> Different Area: GeoData can be cut to follow a specific area (example: area covering sub-area of 2 or multiple states).

USA States DEM's and Clutter in MapInfo Vertical Mapper