To install and run Relief Shader for Free :

Relief Shader is a stand alone product designed to produce beautiful shaded relief images from digital elevation models (DEM). A shaded relief image is created by using a computer-generated artificial light source to illuminate the elevation data and produce a pattern of light and shadows. Slopes facing the light appear bright, while those facing away are shaded. On flatter surfaces, the pattern of light and shadows can reveal subtle features in the terrain.


Using Relief Shader the process of creating a shaded relief image from a DEM dataset is intuitive and straightforward: Open the input DEM dataset then click the 'OK' button to generate either a a Geotiff shaded relief image. All the parameters are provided by default. They can be, however, changed by the user.

Relief Shader can be downloaded 

Relief Shader supports most of the industry DEM formats. These formats are:

Format Extension
ASCII Gridded XYZ *.xyz
ArcInfo Export E00 Grid *.e00
Binary Terrain *.bt
DTED *.dt0, *.dt1
ESRI ArcGIS Binary Grid *.adf
ESRI ASCII Grid *.txt
ESRI BIL *.bil
Geosoft eXchange File *.gxf
Geotiff *.tif, *.tiff
GRASS ASCII Grid *.txt
Japanese DEM *.mem
PCIDISK Format *.pix
Shuttle Radara Topography Mission *.hgt
Surfer ASCII or Binary Grid *.grd
USGS DEM *.dem
Vertical Mapper Numeric Grid *.grd
Examples of shaded relief images created using Relief Shader: