Geomatics Systems is a high technology company driven by customers needs offering high quality solutions and services to a variety of resource based clients. Geomatics Systems offers innovative solutions for the geomatics industry and specifically for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) users. Among offered solutions, Grid Translator Pro is our flagship product. Available for MapInfo Professional®, ArcGIS® and for Mentum Planet users. Grid Translator Pro help users leverage their investment on GIS products and data by enabling more than 80 raster grid and image formats In addition of turn key solutions, Geomatics Systems provides customized GIS consultation services, application development and training. We have extensive experience in data conversion, programming and application development. Whether you require Geodata data, information from that data, or a GIS technology service Geomatics Systems will help you meet your business requirements and develop innovative ways to overcome your project challenges. We understand that combining spatial data with value- added services provides large value for our clients and enable them to act upon their business challenges

Geomatics Systems is dedicated to help it's clients take advantage of GIS technologies by providing powerful solutions and customized services



Geomatics Systems offers a wide range of high quality professional services supporting GIS analysis, design and implementation. Our area of expertise includes data conversion, software design and development with extensive experience in GIS and IT domains. We recognize that customers have unique and different needs. To this end we extend the power of our Grid Translator Engine (core engine of our Grid Translator Pro family products: Grid Translator Pro for MapInfo, Grid Translator Pro for ArcGIS and Grid Translator Pro for Planet) by offering custom software development services. Our grid translator engine is plug in driven allowing dynamic formats addition or removal for a greater flexibility.

We offer the following services: